Whitening Your Teeth Just Got a Lot Easier

Vogue whitening

Fall’s warm lattes and bounty of colorful vegetables can leave even the most diligent dental obsessives feeling a bit yellow. Surprisingly, most foods we eat daily stain our teeth, and discoloration can accumulate despite sipping through straws and brushing after meals. Luckily, a host of new high-tech products make whitening and brightening easier than ever.

Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean, for instance, is a powerful electric toothbrush built with five brushing modes designed for sensitive teeth, gum care, and even elimination of pesky surface stains. Skip the dentist’s office with Crest’s new two-step process: First, apply white strips for 60 minutes; then, before removing, blast away stains with a safe LED blue light that reveals whiter teeth after just one use.

Another breakthrough product is APA Beauty’s White Duo system, a combination of whitening pens and strips; after 90 minutes of combined use, the result mimics the most powerful professional treatments. Short on time and looking for a quick fix? Swipe on a layer of The Estée Edit’s flash photo gloss—when applied, the blue pigments help teeth appear whiter instantly.

Try any of these six solutions, and your teeth will shine bright, long after lunch.