This Is What $60,000 of Dental Veneers Looks Like. Celebrity cosmetic dentist Dr. Apa transforms one woman's smile using luxe veneeers.

Harpers Bazaar Veneers

Braces, aligning trays, retainers—correcting your teeth is an expensive and time-consuming journey. Perhaps the costliest option of all, however, is dental veneers. Even more so when those veneers come from Dr. Michael Apa, a celebrity cosmetic dentist based out of New York City and Dubai. Apa has treated—and transformed—the smiles of major celebrities with his porcelain veneer technique, which costs upwards of $4,000 per tooth but yield super-natural results.

For this episode of The Plastics, we followed along as one woman had her smile transformed by Apa and his team. Within minutes of having the final veneers installed, she was able to bite into an apple with ease (if with a little hesitation). See her incredible before-and-after above.