The Apa Cpean White Sonic Toothbrush Soothes & Promotes Healthy Gums

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Apa Beauty's Apa Clean White Sonic Toothbrush boasts an aesthetically pleasing design that is touted as "the first sonic toothbrush you’ll want to display on your vanity." Beyond this, the oral care device is packed with features, including the ability to deliver 40,000 vibrations per minute, as well as three unique modes for cleaning, whitening and massaging.

The sonic toothbrush design also boasts timed interval brushing, a long-lasting battery and with a purchase of the $250 Apa Clean White Sonic Toothbrush, two included full-size brush heads that can easily replace one another in the future.

As well as being suitable for use on sensitive gums and teeth, sonic toothbrushes have the potential to help prevent pain and sensitivity.