5 Best Teeth-Whitening Products for a Brighter Smile (Plus, How to Use Them Right)

I'd be lying if I said obtaining perfectly white teeth isn't at the tippy top of my beauty bucket list. I'm always on a hunt for the best teeth-whitening products, tricks, and hacks to make 'em glow. But for all the tips I've found, I haven't seemed to achieve my goal: an admittedly, almost flourescent-like white—especially considering my coffee and wine habits. (I love those guys, but damn are they working against me.) Thankfully, a slew of the newest, best teeth-whitening products—think strips, pens, gels, and more—are now better than ever, delivering on their promises of pearly whites in sometimes minutes flat.


  • The at-home strips: Apa White Duo

I promise, these guys really do work. To get the best results, dentist Michael Apa—yes, the man behind our favorite strips—says to stay away from food and drinks with strong pigmentation for a minimum of 24 hours after you whiten and even longer, if possible.