Pucker Up! 10 Lip Scrubs for a Smooth Pout This Valentine’s Day

Vogue Apa LoofaWhile moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid serums, gentle cleansers, and shine-enhancing oils are all important steps in any winter beauty arsenal, this year dot your I’s and cross your Ts with one final touch: lip scrub. After all, a smooth, kissable mouth is all the more important with Valentine’s Day upon us.

Rodial’s vitamin E– and mango-infused formula comes in a compact pen shape for on-the-go exfoliation, just as Frank Body’s coffee-based duo energizes cells as it buffs to perfection. In need of a boost of color? Reach for Clinique’s Sweet Pots, a two-in-one scrub-and-tinted-balm package, or Dior’s sugar-infused stick, which lends lips a just-bitten effect. Meanwhile, Henné’s swoon-worthy Rose Diamonds polish, containing organic crystals and essential oil of the storied bloom, is sure to leave you (and your special someone) nothing short of smitten.

Above, 10 scrubs to achieve a flake-free pout this Valentine's Day—and beyond. Pucker up!