Best Beauty Treatments for 2016

Violet Grey

The treatment: Apa White Duo

What it is: Taking a beauty-focused approach to teeth whitening, the “disgustingly handsome” (Fahad’s words) dentist Dr. Michael Apa operates out of two practices in the United States and the Middle East, and sends his signature methods home with his Apa Beauty White Duo.

Where to go: Rosenthal Apa Group in New York City, Apa Aesthetic in Dubai, Apa Beauty from VIOLET GREY.

How it works: The White Duo is a two-step process that promises major results after only five days. Apply the whitening pen first for instant bleaching, then place the white film (which works over a longer period) over the top and leave for 90 minutes, repeating each day for the five-day period. Fahad visited Apa’s spa-like Dubai office for an in-office treatment and walked out with one of his whitening kits for upkeep.

Why she loves it: Professional-grade results at home, even for those with sensitive teeth. Chic packaging is an added, although greatly appreciated, bonus.