Apa Beauty’s dental line bridges the gap between oral care and cosmetics


The world of cosmetic dentistry might only appeal to some, but Dr Michael Apa’s newly launched collection of oral care products is something most of us should get behind. An established name in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Apa has become a cherished resource for those who know in New York. His product line combines the latest advancements in oral care with high quality ingredients and the forward-thinking design of a luxury beauty brand. Highly effective yet suitable for everyday use, Apa Beauty offers a full spectrum of care from (dental) roots to tip.
Things start off with the Apa Clean White Sonic Toothbrush – an elegant piece of kit worthy of displaying sink-side. Armed with three modes that clean, whiten and massage teeth and gums, the gentle vibrations prevent enamel from eroding while still delivering a proper clean. A built-in timer helps to deliver interval brushing, while two brush heads – one engineered specifically to help remove stains, and another with soft bristles – cater to a myriad of needs.

To match, Apa Beauty touts its own toothpaste – a whitening formula that removes stains with a proprietary polishing technology, and is also reinforced with hydroxyapatite, a mineral that helps rebuild the surface enamel of teeth. Designed to prevent plaque and tartar build-up without the use of fluoride, the toothpaste leaves mouths minty fresh with a hit of peppermint oil. Brushing should be followed by the label’s rinse, which contains the same re-mineralising ingredients that support tooth repair. pH-balanced and alcohol-free, the rinse fights acidity, which causes cavities and freshens breath too.

Most notably, Apa Beauty also boasts an oral gel that specifically targets gums. Apa Pink contains vitamin E to nourish gums and combat inflammation, while lemon, cucumber and Irish moss extracts rejuvenate them and peppermint oil fights bacteria.