Apa Beauty Launches In The UAE

harpers Bazaar Arabia

Introducing a new and innovative line of oral care beauty products by Dr Michael Apa
“You cannot ignore the fact that aesthetic dentistry is changing – actually that’s not true; it has changed, and we need to adapt to that now,” is the firm approach that the charming Dr Michael Apa is taking on his new challenge when Bazaar meets him at his new UAE base recently. As one of the industry’s pioneering names in the super specialised field of aesthetic dentistry, 37-year-old Dr Apa is personally brought his signature brand of smile-rejuvenating porcelain veneers to Dubai when his first clinic outside of the US opened earlier this year, on Al Thanya Street in Jumeirah, Dubai. ‘Personally’ meaning that he splits his working week in two, making the round-trip from New York, rendering the term ‘busy schedule’ something of an understatement.

Despite the killer commute, as a choice of location, Dubai was a simple decision for Dr Apa. “It’s a clean, beautiful city with almost zero crime, where you can enjoy the best work-to-lifestyle balance. It’s like Disneyland. New York is a work-centric place where perhaps the lifestyle aspect can suffer.” That said, Dr Apa can advise on someone in Dubai from his desk in Manhattan. It’s a full plate by anyone’s standards, but going by this man’s track record, it’s unlikely to phase him. “People have always been curious of how I got so successful so young, and the only way I can answer is to say that when you have a clear vision from a young age, it’s important that you put in the hard work and you go for that goal. When I was studying – and other people were asleep – I would put in the extra three or four hours a night to pursue it. Those hours soon build up to days and weeks, and before you know it you’re years ahead of your peers.” Clearly it’s been a strategy to serve him well, and one that’s showing no signs of slowing down with further GCC outposts on the horizon.

With a straight, perfectly proportioned smile, as a parting gift he shares one final beauty secret with Bazaar, the introduction of Dr Apa cosmetic products. “I want to focus on the idea of dental care is also facial beauty, the idea that the toothbrush and toothpaste aren’t solely hygiene routine, they’re beauty kit tools too.”

Enter... A line of simple, effective oral care and beauty products, engineered to enhance the smile, yet gentle enough to use every day. Not to mention being designed with just the right level of chic to fit neatly into your lifestyle. From the exfoliating 'lip loofah' to a special gloss devised to brighten the existing colour of your tooth enamel, call on it as your secret weapon for party season shine. — Elle Timms