Foundation Care

Apa Beauty


Your day begins and ends here, with a breakthrough oral care regimen that strengthens the health of your smile and multitasks as beauty products for results you will see. Use the complete lineup twice daily along with flossing for a total health and beauty effect.

A great smile is fundamental to the way you look and feel. With my Daily Foundation Care, I hope to bring the benefits of what I’ve learned in my practice into everyday oral care.

A Safer,
Stronger Toothpaste

Apa White Toothpaste

This cutting-edge formula features hydroxyapatite—it actually reinforces tooth enamel while it whitens, for a healthier smile above and below the surface. Micro-scrubbers polish away stains, while teeth get a makeover on the cellular level.


Mouthwash Gets
A Makeover

Mouthwash Gets A Makeover

Apa White Rinse

The oral care essential gets boosted by hydroxyapatite and balances your pH levels for an off-the-charts clean. Use after brushing and flossing to complete the deep-cleansing portion of Foundation Care.


The New Necessity

Apa Pink

A groundbreaking addition to the daily regimen, and one of the first products of its kind. This special serum puts the final touch on a truly complete Foundation Care routine. Because nothing complements a white smile better than healthy, pink gums.